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Wee Baby Stella Peach Sleepy Time Set

Wee Baby Stella Peach Sleepy Time Set

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It's bed time for Wee Baby Stella. This lavender scented sleepy time set comes with Wee Baby Stella peach doll, magnetic bottle, soft bear and paper storybook. This bedtime-themed set features scent technology by Celessence, an innovative micro-encapsulation delivery system - gently hug doll to release her soft lavender scent. This 12 inch Wee Baby Stella doll has the same life-like toes and belly button features as regular 15 inch Baby Stella. Winner of NETS Gold Star Award.


Ages 12 months+

Measures 2.5 L x 4 W in x 12 H in

Measures 6.4 X 10.2 X 30.5 cm

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