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Tonka Steel Classic Bulldozer

Tonka Steel Classic Bulldozer

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Clear the way for hours of heavy-duty imaginative play!

Grab the handle to maneuver the giant blade and push tons and tons of dirt and debris. Watch with amazement as its continuous track wheels roll easily over all kinds of terrain.

Meanwhile, with its Tonka Tough real-steel body, you can be sure this mechanical beast is up for years and years of worksite fun!

Keep the Tonka adventure rolling into yet another generation with the Tonka Steel Classics Bulldozer.

Tonka Steel Classics Bulldozer.
Classic Tonka bulldozer with real-steel body.
Encourages fine motor skills, imaginative play.
Use the handle to maneuver the giant blade and push away dirt and debris.
Tough continuous track tires - Realistic design, take on tough terrain.
High-quality steel and plastic - Exceptionally durable and long-lasting.

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