One2Go Wiggleboard

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Is it a skateboard? Or a balance board? How about an ingenious combination of both designed by a dad interested in teaching young kids the principles of skateboarding! Electric yellow with a navy blue base, the One2Go Wiggleboard 3-Wheel Balance Board is a rigid, rounded triangular ABS plastic board securely attached to wheels on three castors. The wide, 3-wheeled board provides stability for new boarders, and has a ridged surface that helps kids maintain a strong grip. Sit, kneel, or stand: a step up from your common gym class scooter, this developmental riding toy is designed to help strengthen the spine and develop core muscles to promote balance and physical confidence in the best way possible–by having fun! Plus, you can learn to roll in minutes. Just give a simple push off the ground to get the fun going. To ride, wiggle hips and waist to move the board forward. The 360° rotating inline skating wheels offer incredible maneuverability (aka fancy footwork!) and a full range of motion when gliding. Supports up to 220 lbs.