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Adora Be Bright Plush - Wolfie

Adora Be Bright Plush - Wolfie

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With her fierce look & mighty paws, who could miss out this sweet wolf? Adora Be Bright Plush Wolfie has come out of the woods to play with your little ones! Quick-witted, strong, and equally playful, Wolfie loves everything ADORAble—from gliding through snows to caring for her family and friends! Friendship is important to her and she treasures it deep in her heart. As Be Bright Doll Alma’s Spirit Animal, Wolfie encourages all her pals to #BeSmart for themselves and for their loved ones and let love & fun thrive in the neighborhood!

Be Bright Plush Wolfie is a 10-inch soft wolf toy and a great companion to 14-inch Be Bright Doll Alma as she ignites her Spirit Animal in the sun! Wolfie has a white and gray plush body that is so cuddly, ready for your little ones to snuggle and play with. She has a glitter belly and upright ears that complement her gray body. This wolf plush also has charming dolly eyes, and a heart-shaped nose carefully embroidered to her face decorated with a soft purple bow.

Ready for the fun? Be Bright Plush Wolfie is your little one’s best playmate! This stuffed animal is 100% Machine Washable & so easy to clean—just pop Wolfie into the tub & let dry, and she will be instantly ready to be played again! This plush toy guarantees endless hours of fun starts with your little one, collect all our Be Bright Plush pals and encourage imaginative, creative pretend play at home! 

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