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Adora Be Bright Plush - Bunny

Adora Be Bright Plush - Bunny

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Hippity hop—the most ADORAble stuffed bunny to play with in your nursery! Bunny glows with joy and fun, and always aim to put a smile on your face! She inspires our Be Bright Doll Lulu to always #BeKind and keep a tender heart for every #BeBright friend that needs help! This soft toy is the cutest bunny plush with her heart-shaped nose and dolly eyes. A tickle in her glitter belly and floppy ears, who doesn’t fall in love with this plush cutie?

Be Bright Plush Bunny is the perfect companion for Be Bright Doll Lulu as she ignites her Spirit Animal in the sun! This 10-inch stuffed bunny has an ultra-soft plush body that is so cuddly that every kid will love her! A sweet purple bow decorates her cute bunny face, matching Lulu’s beautiful silky purple hair. This soft toy even has gray paw pad and a cotton ball shaped tail behind!

Be Bright Plush Bunny is 100% Machine Washable stuffed bunny so no worries when your little one makes a mess—just pop this plush toy into the tub & let dry, and she will be clean and ready to be played with again! 

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