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2-in-1 Slingshot and Archery Set

2-in-1 Slingshot and Archery Set

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Ready to test your aim and accuracy? Our 2-in-1 Slingshot and Archery Set is the perfect tool for little sportsmen with their sights set on fun! This dual-action indoor and outdoor toy comes with three soft arrows with a suction cup tip, and three soft-tipped darts, ready to be launched from the durable combination tool. The handy archery toy switches between a bow and a slingshot so kids can switch up their game at a moment's notice! And with an ergonomic grip and wrist support for better accuracy, it's a comfortable tool for kids who are just being introduced to the challenge and fun sport of archery.

Set up tin cans on a fence post, design your own bulls-eye target, or aim for unsuspecting stuffed animals and toys! Inviting friendly competition, this 2-in-1 Slingshot and Archery Set will help kids develop and perfect accuracy and precision skills. Just pull back, aim and release!

Adult supervision recommended. (Please don't aim at any faces; the arrows and darts are soft, but it's just not very good sportsmanship.)

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