Unicorn Pogo Jumper

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With a hop and a squeak kiddos prance off into play.

There's nothing like a Unicorn Pogo Jumper to involve children in active learning.

A pink stretchy bungee connects the purple foot pad to the handle bars and unicorn head. Grasping tight to the soft-grip handles, kiddos jump. SQUEAK! They smile and try again, this time hopping forward. SQUEAK!

Pleasant and encouraging, this squeak won't bust your ears. It just keeps kids bouncing, prancing and having fun.

The unicorns head is made of thick foam. Sturdy and durable, and lovely. Pink mane, purple bridle and of course the desired horn, this unicorn hops pretty.

The adjustable bungee accommodates any height and the foot pad supports up to 250 pounds. Want to take a ride yourself? Go ahead the bungee stretches upward, but don't expect to find this unicorn inactive, kids can't get enough of this squeaky steed.

Giddy up let's go!